Sunday, January 29, 2012

So Good

I did that.

I made that, and yes, it was as good as the picture makes it looks.

It's meant to be an appetizer, but if you use larger slices of bread and make enough, they can be great as a dinner dish (as long as you include a side dish or two).

It's simple, it's healthy and so worth it.

Believe me, you won't regret it.

Friday, January 27, 2012


It's 9:49 on Friday and already I know I could have gone to bed 2 hours ago and have been perfectly content.

Work +

Baby +

Life's "extras" =

I am tired.

Goodnight, sweet dreams. I promise a more substantial post is coming.

Lila at 8 weeks old portraying my current state of being.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's Been a While...

Back to the grind...

Back into the swing of things...

Back to the routine...

You can say it any way you'd like, but it all means the same thing. Vacation is over and James and I are faced with the reality of jobs, Mexico City traffic, grading papers, parent teacher conferences, getting up before the sun rises.

It's always so hard to enter back into that "reality." I'm flooded with an array of feelings being back in the city.

I miss the calm of vacation, the closeness of family, the convenience of the United States.

I'm overwhelmed with another longer semester of school to teach ahead of me and the patience needed to tame my wild class of 3rd graders.

I'm saddened by no longer getting to spend the entire day with Isa.


There's always a but; and thank God for that.

I am thankful to be with my family of three in the comfort of our own home.

I am thankful for the sweet sound of Isa speaking Spanish after being away from it for 3 weeks.

I am blessed by the amount of history and diversity surrounding me in Mexico City.

And I am thankful for co-workers and friends I've missed who provide joy in my life.

I hope to get to a point this year where that second part becomes my first; where the but is not needed, but for right now in this moment it is needed.