Monday, February 4, 2013

For When you Don't Feel Awesome

Every night as I tuck my 2 year old daughter into bed I say the same few sentences to her:

You are beautiful. You are smart. You are special. You are awesome. You're the best daughter in the world.

And each night, without fail, she repeats each sentence in confident agreeance.

I am beautiful. I am smart. I am special. I am awesome. I'm the best daughter in the world.

I pray she holds these phrases close as she navigates her way through this world.

But do I hold these phrases close?

Could I say these things about myself without shyly lowering my head after each one?

What about on those days, weeks, months, when I don't feel awesome.

Awesome is defined as "inspiring awe."

Do I really believe I inspire awe in others, that I feel it in myself? It's hard to feel awe-inspiring when you're going through the motions.

So, how do I stop going through the motions? How do I remember my own awesomness and let it exude?

How do I confidently respond to that phrase?

I am awesome.

First, I need to say it. Not in some, oh man, check me out, everyone. If you haven't noticed my awesomeness then, man, you're missing out.

I need to say it in an understanding that I was created to be awesome, to pursue awesomeness. Then I need to believe it.

I am thankful for this girl; who believes without a doubt in her own awesomeness.