Monday, June 18, 2012

This Man

There once was a boy with hair down to his shoulders and a lip ring who once set an accidental fire on a stage while in college.

There once was a boy who dressed up as a girl and pranced down "caf lane" (the main drag of our college campus) in an attempt to win the "Young Hall Beauty Pageant."

There once was a boy who ran for Student Body President because he believed he could make a change.

This same boy is now a man. He is a man who has since cut his hair, taken out his lip ring, and now wears jeans with button down shirts.

He is a man who asked me to marry him while sitting on a rock watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.

He is a man who told me in his vows on our wedding day that "in his lifelong quest to love others, I would always be his first other."

This man still desires to make a change in this world. His aspirations have expanded and his experiences have made him wiser.

He is my husband, my friend, and the father of our daughter.

Seeing this man's love for our little girl is beyond my wildest dreams.

He has grown my ability to love and has widened his own on our journey through parenthood.
I am thankful beyond words for this man.

Happy Father's Day.

Monday, June 11, 2012

She Knows

There are days when my impatience with my daughter seems to exceed my calm.

There are days when I sit at work and cry because I did not get to see her morning face.

There are days when I have my computer open more often then it's closed while she plays.

But on the sam,e day, I can whisper in my daughter's ear that I love her and have her whisper back in my ear, "I wub to" doing this at least 10 times while she smiles a huge happy grin.

On the same day I can hold her and rock her before bed time as she lays her small head on my shoulder and attempts to wrap her toddler arms around mine.

On the same day I can smile as she cups my face in her hands and sings a song that is in no way gibberish to her.

She knows I love her.

She knows she's special.

She knows she's cared for.

At 8:30 PM when I sit on my couch emailing/grading/looking at Facebook, this is what matters.
She knows.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Your Name

Dear Baby Boy,

Your daddy and I have officially decided upon your name.

Morgan Carl Kitchin

After lots of back and forth between two names that didn't include the one above, we just didn't feel a pull to either. Your dad had thrown the name Morgan out before, but for whatever reason, I turned it down.

After hearing your Uncle bring the name Morgan up again, I decided to look up its meaning.
Morgan means bright sea dweller.

After reading that, I was hooked. Not only is this name special because it is my family's name, it also has a connection to the sea. Your Grandpa loves the sea; he always has. He loves to sail and to be near the water. He has instilled this love inside of me as well, and so, your name is perfect.

You are our bright little sea dweller.

And even if you don't share the same love of the sea that your Mom and Grandpa do, you will always have that connection.

Carl is the last name of your Dad's Grandfather, so you will be sharing both sides; your Dad and me.
I love knowing your name and being able to call you that now. You have an identity that is ever growing and it is bringing me closer and closer to knowing you.

Love you, bud.