Monday, April 30, 2012

Toddlers, Pinterest and Why I Love Them Both

OK, so I definitely love one of those things more than the other.

When I first heard about Pinterest, I thought to myself, what's the big deal; it sounds kind of silly, however I joined anyway.

Now, I see what the big deal is. I can't explain it. There's something so great about perusing the internet and "pinning" things to keep and look back at from time to time. I guess you just don't know it til you try it.

OK, so why am I writing about Pinterest? Well, thanks to one of my recent pins I found this great idea for kids.

Basically you mix flour with baby oil and it created a thicker flour that you can mold like sand. I put the mixture in a large tupperwear, threw in some spoons, cups and smaller tupperwear and let Isa go to town.

The girl loved it! While she didn't do much molding, she did enjoy spooning piles of the flour from one cup to another. As the time progressed she realized it was way more fun to actually throw it.
All in all it was a great time and kept her busy for about an hour. As for the time it took to make it, it was probably a total of 3 minutes. I put everything outside on a towel, which seemed to keep the mess somewhat contained so clean up was super easy.

If you choose to try this at home and your kid is anything like mine, be prepared to give them a bath afterward.

Here's a progression of photos documenting the enormous fun that was had.

Things started out pretty contained

However, as things progressed, they got a bit messy

Until finally it became a game of "throw the flour everywhere."

So much fun going on!

My one word of advice would be don't wear black leggings while partaking in this activity

Thursday, April 26, 2012

San Diego

Today I'm day dreaming of San Diego Sunsets, walking along the cliffs, feeling the cool breeze of the ocean on my skin and breathing in that salt water smell. No matter how long I've been away from the ocean I can still see it, feel it, smell it. It is ingrained in my mind and in my heart. I love the idea of moving to the East Coast one day, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will always be that girl from San Diego who lives in Maryland. I'm still a Southern California girl at heart and always will be. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Remember, we weren't promised easy, but we were promised love. -Chatting at the Sky

I need this reminder today. I have so much love in my life. I need to remember how to find joy; not in the situation I wish I had, but in the situation I do have. Lord, I pray for this joy. I pray for joy that translates into a healthier way of being.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

What a Day

Today I left for work at 6am, taught/wrangled some children until 2:30, then came home only to pick up my baby girl, pack her in the car and head the the IMSS Clinic (government heath care clinic) to go to the first of 5 required appointments to receive my maternity leave.

I was in the busy, crowded, hot clinic for 2 hours, running around from place to place, having numerous discussions in Spanish all while handling my almost 2 year old who was done being at IMSS after the first hour.

I came home around 6:50, ate a quick dinner, gave Isa a bath, put her to bed, made lunches for tomorrow and am now sitting. It's 8:20.


Exhaustion at it's finest.

Both my body and mind are wrecked.

It's days like this when all I want is to be a stay at home mom. To not have to worry about all of the bureaucracy that comes with receiving maternity leave in Mexico; to be able to hang out with my daughter all day instead of a bunch of 9 year olds. To have her be the reason I'm tired, not them.

To be the one who picks out her outfits and prepares her breakfast in the morning.

I know I am tired and this only magnifies my feelings, but they are feelings which are there none-the-less.

Thinking about my maternity leave only makes things harder. In Mexico they give you 6 weeks off after your due date. They've calculated that this is the amount of time a woman needs to heal after giving birth; then it's back to work.

Remembering how tiny Isa was at 6 weeks brings tears to my eyes. I can't imagine leaving a tiny baby like that at home to be looked after by someone else. It literally makes my heart hurt.

I am trying not to think about that time until it comes and know I need to take advantage of what time I will have with this new little life. I don't want to spend those 6 weeks feeling sad. I want to cherish them.

Oh tired days. You bring out the worst sometimes.

And now, it is 8:30 and I am off to bed.

Goodnight. I pray for a happier heart tomorrow and an opportunity to rest.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Gratitude as a discipline involves a conscious choice. I can choose to be grateful even when my emotions and feelings are still steeped in hurt and resentment. It is amazing how many occasions present themselves in which I can choose gratitude instead of a complaint. I can choose to grateful when I am criticized, even when my heart still responds in bitterness. I can choose to speak about goodness and beauty, even when my inner eye still looks for someone to accuse or something to call ugly.

Henri J. M. Nouwen

Good Friday is a day when we acknowledge a great sacrifice. The sacrifice that Jesus took to show the world love.

Today I am mulling over that word in my head, sacrifice.

I sacrifice daily for my daughter, for my family; but they are easy to sacrifice for. I love them deeply. I feel as if there is no other option inside of me but to sacrifice for them. While this sacrifice wears on my body, both physically and sometimes emotionally, it is still a sacrifice I choose to make.

And then there are those who I know I choose not to sacrifice for. Those who it is difficult. Those for whom loving is hard; whether it be because of a bitterness inside my heart or a resentment towards their situation.

And yet, Jesus did not differentiate between those he chose to sacrifice. He made that choice for all. If it had just been a select group, it would not have proven his point.

The point being that love does not choose some; it chooses all.

It does not give partially; it gives all.

Jesus is love and love is Him. It is one in the same.

So, now comes my role in that; because yes, I have a role. I have chosen to have a role.

It is not to love some, but to love all. It is to love those for whom my heart has somewhat hardened around.

Because a heart is not hard. It is made of tissue, of blood of veins; of things that flow.

I am praying today to choose love, just as Mr. Nouwen says we can choose gratitude, we can choose love.

It is amazing what free will and choice allow us to do. I am thankful for a God that has given us these inner skills.

I will start with this choice, then go from there. It is my sacrifice; however small.