Sunday, May 12, 2013

To My Children

Dear Isabela and Morgan,

This Mother's Day, I have the honor of writing to you both, my two children.

My children. That phrase sounds so beautiful, doesn't it?

Maybe not to you, but to me it makes my heart well up with a feeling of love and grace.

Grace. This is something I pray for daily. I pray that I show you grace in the day to day; but also, I pray that you are able to learn how to show it to others. Your dad and I happen to be some of the others to which I speak. 

We both love you two so deeply, but daily we fail in some way or another to show you the complete love that we feel in our hearts. This is where that grace comes in.

I pray that you learn this kind of loving and forgiving unbiased grace through your dad and I's interactions with you and with each other. I pray that you learn it from your grandparents who love you in a way even I can't comprehend. I pray you learn it from your school teachers as they guide you in growing your mind and your attitude.

I pray that you learn it through your friendships, as some will let you down and others will build you up. I pray that you learn it through your community, however big or small.

I pray for these things because I know how great it is to have grace shown to me. It has been shown to me through your dad, my family, my school teachers, my friends and my communities; but above all, it has been shown to me through the love of God. He is our standard on this and I am forever thankful for that.

Isa, my daughter, your strength in mind and spirit blow me away. My heart gets so full when I see the little girl that you are quickly becoming. Your confident tone and your sweet empathetic attitude towards others are amazing to see. You have such an endearing heart for others. When I think about who your will become and who you already are I get goosebumps. I can't believe you are mine.

Morgan, my boy. My boy. I just love saying that. I love that when you snuggle with me, you sink your entire weight into my shoulder. It's a mix between wrestling and nuzzling. I love the way you watch your sister. I can already tell how much you love her. You are such a mellow little guy. You like to take everything in. You already have such a gentle spirit. I am so excited to watch you grow.

Kids, I love you so much. It's this crazy kind of love that has taught me that I can be so much more patient than I thought; so much stronger and so much kinder; so much better. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to experience this kind of love.

In His Grace,
Your Mom