Sunday, April 21, 2013

Better Health and Babies

Doesn't that sound like a great magazine name?

My little boy has decided it's time to join the big boys and is now sitting up on his own. At a skinny 7 months old, it's hard to believe that he's more than half way to being 1.

My first baby has decided she is no longer be a baby, let alone toddler anymore. Apparently, according to some mommy website, once they hit age 3 they are no longer called toddlers, but preschoolers. Which is basically telling me to brace myself, because I am about to have a full on little girl.


Parenthood is long days, short years.... so true.

In other news, I have spent a week spearheading the Kitchin Family Health Initiative... or simply put, eating better and exercising.  We weren't eating terribly unhealthy before, but there was little variety and lots of carbs (think pastas and breads... all the time).

So, I went into my recipes board in pinterest and decided to give some of those pretty pictures a try. I made a grocery list and meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And I actually COMMITTED.

We've had a week of healthy meals with tons of whole foods and variety. Isa is eating everything  I put on her plate, which equals.... amazing!

I'm actually starting to see some muscle definition on my 2 baby stomach thanks to Jillian Michaels and her 6 week 6 pack series. I totally recommend this video if you're looking to rebuild strength and muscle. I basically started with none and am really starting to see results just 2 weeks into it. Plus, I just feel better.

Not so much when doing the work out. When doing the workout I often feel like collapsing and/or throwing up.... but worth it. Really.

That's it for now in this edition of BHB. I'll be sure to post some recipes soon.

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