Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just Do it... Traveling With Young Kids

Having had numerous traveling experiences with my two little ones I thought I'd share some tips that have really helped me along the way.

1. Just do it. Don't let the idea of traveling with young kids intimidate you. There will be tough moments, but it's worth it.

2. Start them young. We went on our first traveling adventure when our daughter was only 5 months old. She's almost 3 now and seems like a seasoned pro. She can do long bus rides, plane rides, boat tours, hiking trails, you name it. 

3. Use what you got. Don't get weighed down with random toys. It's amazing how entertaining an empty water bottle can be for a 6 month old.

5. Show your children grace. After 5 hours of hiking through a jungle and checking out some ancient ruins, it makes sense that your 3 year old is throwing a tantrum at lunch. Don't let that one tantrum make you forget abut the 5 hours of awesome that she just was.

4. Spend a little more on the hotel. You'll be spending a decent amount of time there with nap breaks and resting. Spend the extra buck or 2 and get the hotel with the pool.

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